As already mentioned, Sic Bo is played with three dice, the most important condition for the game being that the dice are all rolled at once. The player’s job is to place his bets on the numbers he thinks are rolled. This can be done by placing chips on the corresponding area of ​​the Sic Bo table. After the last bets have been placed, the dealer picks up a small mug with the dice, which he closes and shakes. Finally, the dealer opens the mug to reveal what luck has rolled. Alternatively, many modern sg online casino have a glass dome cup attached to a vibrating platform that begins to shake when the dealer presses a button. When the shaking stops, the croupier reads the dice combination. As with roulette, each Sic Bo bet has different payouts based on probability, and the player can place as many bets as he wants.

Odds and payouts at Sic Bo

We now look at the payouts of the individual Sic Bo bets. These differ depending on the casino. We give the usual payout percentages for the individual bets in live and online casinos, plus the probabilities and the house edge for the individual bets.

There are a total of 216 different ways in which the 3 dice can fall.

House advantage with Sic Bo

As you can see from the table above, the house advantage with Sic Bo is quite high. That said, the casino steals a lot of money from players in the long run. The simple bets – big/small, even / odd – have odds comparable to those of European roulette.

However, the other bets sometimes have horrendous odds. Some casinos offer a payout of only 1 in 150 on an exact triple (for example, 4-4-4). A payout of 1 in 215 would be fair. With such bets, the casinos have a house edge of over 30 percent!

Tips and tricks for Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a very simple game, and there is no strategic element. They only play sic bo for fun. Look for a nice casino online or check in your local casino to see if there is Sic Bo and have fun playing.

If you want to maximize your chances of winning at the casino, avoid Sic Bo! The singapore casino games is underpaid, and there are many more profitable games in the casino.

  A few tips if you play Sic Bo:

  • Simple bets: Only bet on simple bets (small/big, even / odd).
  • Check odds: Check the odds on all bets and compare them with our paytable. If the odds are bad, never play these bets.
  • Beware of betting combinations: Pay attention to which bets you combine. Do not combine mutually exclusive bets – say odd and total 10. Otherwise, the house edge works twice against you!

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