Players should pay attention to the total amount of their bet singapore online casino free credit and how many games (cards) they play. If you play too many games at the same time, you lose track and make mistakes.

In the video Keno, you should be careful not to bet too much. Unless it is a very large, progressive jackpot, you should not make maximum bets.

Combinations of numbers can be arbitrary. Whether you always play the same numbers or not makes no difference to the draw.

Players shouldn’t pick all the numbers they can pick – but about 6 to 8. This increases the chance of hits and wins.

You should play at least two numbers because the chance of winning is the least with one number.

The payout percentages vary from casino to casino. So players should orientate themselves on the offered payouts.

Video Keno has a lower house edge than live keno but is so fast-moving that you can let yourself go and get the house an advantage again. Therefore, special caution applies here.

Play free keno

Keno is the Chinese equivalent of our normal lottery. It is thousands of years old and has proven itself to be a method of financing the Chinese rulers’ earnings. Unlike a conventional tax, Gambling was able to lure some money out of the pocket of the people with fun and joy.

At the same time, as a reward – if you got it right – you could also win joker online casino great prizes and high profits. Keno has, therefore, spread very widely in China and has now made it to us. The playful approach was also used to teach children to write and read. Keno has established itself because it is so easy to learn. No wonder it is so popular in Germany and is now offered almost everywhere!

Free keno rules

Whether free keno or keno for real money: in both cases, you first have to get an official keno certificate. It’s like a real lottery. However, you fill out these bills very differently, so you should first be familiar with the rules before you spend real money. You don’t just want to waste money; you also want to win!

On the free Keno note is a table with numbers. You now choose your favorite numbers or your lucky numbers and check them. Keno is all about getting the right numbers on the draw. In real keno, which you play at sales outlets, the completed ticket is returned, and you wait for the draw that runs after certain times. Everything is much faster online: you get your results straight away.

The number of numbers that can be marked is completely unlimited. That means: you can check as many or as few numbers as you like! However, it should be pointed out that, of course – the more numbers you check – the likelihood of a hit increases, but this also reduces the payout ratio. But there are also different variants and offers, which you should, of course, inquire about beforehand.

How you fill in keno tickets depends entirely on your taste. There are also a few clever strategies that can be taught quite well in free Keno. Of course, the free keno is also a good option to approach the game very slowly and leisurely without going into the lion’s den (financially at least).

Online Keno not only has the time advantage over normal Keno – the lot is compared directly with the drawing of the computer – but also the plus point that you can try Keno for free first. So you can easily find out whether the game is for yourself or whether you prefer to play something else. And if you love keno, you should play for free now and then, so as not to waste money out of boredom.

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